New Zealand-based apps

Apps with a New Zealand focus

The following apps have a New Zealand focus and are aimed at New Zealand users.

Mental health and wellbeing apps

Mental health and wellbeing apps
Āio Māori meditation

Aroha chatbot

Aunty Dee






Staying on track 



Pregnancy, breastfeeding and baby care apps

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, baby and child care apps  

Positively Pregnant

Feed Safe NZ

BURP (Breastfeeding's Ultimate Refuel Place)

Babble MidCentral DHB 

Safe Sleeping

Well Child

Raising children

Whare Kahikā Home Safety 



Diabetes apps

Diabetes apps  

DNZ Take Control Toolkit

Hypos Xplained

Type 2 Diabetes Xplained

Asthma apps

Asthma apps  

My Asthma app


Gut health and nutrition apps

Gut health and nutrition apps

Coeliac Care Program

The Insides Guide

FoodSwitch New Zealand

Skincare apps

Skincare apps  




First aid apps

First aid apps

AED Locations

First Aid & Emergency


St John NZ CPR & AED


Healthcare services apps

Healthcare services apps

Emergency Q

Well Revolution

Zoom Health

Te reo Māori language apps

Te reo Māori language apps  

Aki Hauora



Te reo Māori


Other apps

App name Description

INR log

Warfarin app
A New Zealand app to keep track of your warfarin dose and INR results.


KYND app
A New Zealand app to check and measure your overall wellness.


LifeCurve app
A New Zealand app to support healthy ageing.

Manaaki Ora

Manaaki Ora app
A New Zealand app to provide guidance and self-help tips for improving well-being.

MS Energise

Multiple sclerosis app
A New Zealand-based app to help people with multiple sclerosis cope with fatigue.


Cancer support app
An app for New Zealanders affected by breast cancer to connect with others, share experiences, ask questions and get support.


Caregiver app
An app that connects people seeking help and support with those offering home-based services.


Contact tracing app
A contact tracing app that enables faster contact tracing by creating a digital diary of the places you visit. 

Power of Rhythm

Parkinsons app
An app for any person with Parkinson’s who has walking or gait problems. It is a tool for physiotherapists to use with their patients to help reduce freezing of gait (freezing during walking) by using a method called rhythmic auditory stimulation.

Pre Check app

Pre Check app
An app with an interactive breast model that shows some of the breast changes associated with breast cancer.

Rheumatoid arthritis Xplained NZ

Arthritis app
This app is for New Zealanders wanting to learn about rheumatoid arthritis in a fun, easy-to-understand way.

Stroke Riskometer

Stroke risk app
An app that is aimed at anyone wanting to calculate their risk of stroke.

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